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The awareness of security necessity due to incidences like 9/11 and 26/11, have increased the demand for security services across the world. The range of our Clientele, ranges from a lone man-guarding post, to large scale complex deployments. Our team of security experts combines proprietary tool sets and the latest security threat intelligence with advanced counter measures to build effective security programs that enhance business operations and improve security posture.

Our extensive network of branch offices and regional offices means we can seamlessly mobilize our officers to meet any contingency. Our high standards of services and quick responses are based on our strong and fundamental pillars of Selection: Most stringent norms, in accordance with international standards.

Training: Intensive training, in accordance with PSARA norms. This is followed up by specialized, site specific training, on-the-job training, periodic refresher training and constantly upgrading skill-sets.

Supervision: A strong supervisory cadre to ensure a high level of delivery of services.

Response: Quick and timely responses are ensured by State of Art 24X7 Control Rooms, across the country and abroad with a gradual system of escalation.

Close contact and personalized services: The level of services do not remain restricted to Field Staff but can be easily escalated to higher levels that ensure quick and satisfactory response.

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